Anesthesia Services

WHS is a provider of locally based, full or part-time, Board certified/eligible anesthesiologists. An on-site director of anesthesia, along with the anesthesia team will develop/foster positive cohesive working relationships among members of the peri-operative team. Our overall quality management process ensures that our team consistently adheres to our clinical quality indicators and evidence-based best practices.

When you partner with us, your facility will rise to the challenge of a rapidly evolving healthcare and anesthesia environment. We will meet or exceed the expectations of your facility and enhance your OR’s productivity by streamlining and improving OR protocols and practices. Our customized anesthesia solutions result in:

  • Optimized staffing models to meet the needs of your facility
  • Comprehensive Departmental Planning
  • Consultative Services
  • Billing Resources
  • Pain Management Program Development
  • Optimized Financial Results
  • Leadership Committed to improving collaboration and communication between all facility stakeholders
  • Clinical Outcomes and Reporting
  • Staffing and recruiting

Let our team of consultants perform an evaluation of your anesthesia department.

Additional Services:

Anesthesia Program Oversight

Policies and Procedures:

WHS will work with your management team to implement well established policies and protocols

  • Streamline the Pre Admission testing process
  • Meet or exceed all SCIP protocols
  • Institute Peri Operative Diabetic Management
  • Implement Peri Operative sleep apnea order set